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A charming souls-like wacky game. Play as a little fallen angel, explore dreamy landscapes, shoot down corrupted monsters and fight challenging bosses with a plushie.

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Dang this game is looking cool. I for some reason think your steam page is hilarious and find it fun to follow low scale projects but oddly I'm looking forward to when this is done.

Hey Thank you so much Yanagi!! :)

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this is a great game! i like the avatar and the boss fight but i think that the boss is a little hard for the demo. overall i really liked this game and cant wait to see the final release ^^

Glad that you like it! Thanks for trying out the demo, I can't wait to share more too! Welcome to join the discord or social media for regular updates :D

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Has a lot of potential, thought beginning area was super cute and pretty and made me excited to play. 1st Boss wasn't really super fun tho. Felt tedious and repetitive. That's okay tho considering it's just a demo. Can't wait to see more updates :)


Thank you for your encouragement!!! ^^ I'll see what I can improve!

I wishlisted 


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Thank you for playing^^!

Hey do you need original music for the final game? 🤔

I'd wish to! Tho currently I'm looking into fiverr and humble bundle to save dev cost

When you are ready just message me :)


plz make mac os version

I would like to in the final game! We shall see my timeline

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the game's really fun and adorable but it dosen't look the best.

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to polish the game and my skill further down the road!

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I played the game, and oh boy is it fun. I can't wait for full game to be released. Also I saw the stream you did on steam, and oh boy did I feel stupid not using the jump button during the boss fight. My only gripes with the game is that I gotten clipped into the levels once while facing the boss. However, it was a minor issue I just literally walked out of, and another issue was my attack buttons not working for me. I tried to restarting the game yet with not avail. The only way I got it working was turning on/off my mouse to get it work. Overall, I can't wait to see what the full content will be once it's released  


Ah thank you so much for the feedback and the bugs report! I will try figure those out, especially on how to hint the jump in the final phase



thank youuuu monochroma~

Okay so I goofed with the controls at the start, but I fixed it, thank goodness.

I went in without reading any of your description and I'm  glad I didn't because this was surprisingly wacky and I loved it.  Looking forward to seeing more!

Thank you so much Maltosier! That is an interesting bug I couldn't reproduce on my end. But I'll keep it in mind!


I seem to be cursed when it comes to using controllers for non-Steam games so I don't think its your fault. Unless you're talking about the spinny bug.  Regardless. It's a fun game :)

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haha i wish too! It is so hard to reach out. One possible way is through youtube chat during her livestream :P


Rate: 9.5/10

The whole game, perfect. It's been a long time since I played a cute soul-like game. The graphics, sound design and character is excellent, the movement is fluid overall an excellent game.

Add more depth to the story and feature more bosses. Can't wait for the full release.


aww thank you for the kind words!! There will be more stories and bosses added for sure :D

I'll hold into that, thank you.

i cant wait for this game to be relesead


I can't wait to share more!! If only time can slowdown

I loved playing this game and I can't wait for the full release, and its funny cause the little girl looks like Gura 

I love your reactions😂 really enjoyed your video. Thank you for playing!!

Hello! We are an audiovisual studio and currently we're looking for projects to build up some portafolio on making foleys, music, voices, mixing and editing or pretty much anything we can provide on the narrative or visual art. We really liked your game and we would love to work with you on this project or in any future project. Feel free to reach us so we can talk about it. As i mention, we’re just looking to build up our portafolio, so we wouldn’t charge anything

Our contact is mareanegramty@gmail.com or you can find us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/mareanegramty

Thank you so much for your kind words and reaching out! Currently im working on the game alone, which could take some time to complete, i wonder if it would still be helpful for your portfolio building?

Absolutely! If you want add me on discord to talk more about it AlexThFc#4437 or however you feel more comfortable


Thank youuu for playing!!

Very fun game with some solid platforming. I can't wait to see some more of it. Keep it up! 

Thank you! Glad you had fun!!

I really enjoyed playing cant wait till full game comes out

Yayyy you figured out the boss final attacks! love your stream ^^

thank you for watching it

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Firstly, I would like to say that this game is pretty cute. The tutorial area was pretty to look at and I think gave clear instructions on how to play. The platforming isn't that difficult nor easy. The combat also feels really good after introducing he different mechanics. The boss also was manageable and not difficult to win. However, there is a weird thing with the movement where it feels a little floaty. It's like after running I'll glide on the ground for a few milliseconds. I'm not sure if that is a stylistic choice but it feels a little weird for me. Other than that I love this demo and can't wait to see the full release!

Thaaaaank you so much forplaying! The gliding is indeed a bug and it will surely be fixed :) 

It was a fun demo! Hope the mechanics get polished on it's full release

thank you Jockylin!

This game soo cool, i love it, can't wait for full ver

thank you!! I can't wait tooo


thank you devilsky! :D

Looks promising from the demo ! The 3D platform with some heavy boss fights looks like a great mix the way you show it in the demo :)

thank you for your kind words!! It means a lot!

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YES agreed! The rotation speed, the dodge experience, UI and many more needs work >_<. Thank you for playing and pulling through all the rough areas! Fixes will becoming in few days

The game has a nice look to it and great gameplay. I'll be keeping an eye out on this game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Hey it is fun watching you play :) It taught me lots of things I need to improve on. Thank you!

it is very cute i really like it

thank you PhoebeKaung!

keep on making i will be your fan .

Very cute and beautiful scenarios. 

thanks for trying! I hope you enjoyed!

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thank you for playing!! Try to spam the dodge skill to get over the last mountain :). I will make more hints in future~